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Employable Me Australia - Series 2

3 x 1 hr

Northern Pictures

Meet some of Australia’s most extraordinary job seekers

The critically acclaimed documentary series Employable Me Australia returns for a second series, following the stories of nine more people with disabilities as they battle to find work. As well as neurological conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and Tourette Syndrome, this second series features people with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, dwarfism and Down Syndrome as they search for meaningful employment. Employable Me Australia shows us what potential employers need to see: the capable person behind the condition. But it’s a tough road they have to travel to convince employers to overcome their preconceptions. Throughout the series, the participants work with experts, job coaches and their families to uncover their skills and talents, and to match the jobseekers with roles that harness their strengths.


2019 Screen Producers Australia Awards: Documentary Program or Series Production of the Year Nominations

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Credit Line

Northern Pictures for ABC, Australia


Executive Producer: Karina Holden

Series Producer: Jenni Wilks


 Series Director: Cian O’Clery

Additional Credits

 Narrator: Brooke Satchwell

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