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Blood - Series 2

6 x 1 hr

The truth will surface.

The second series of Blood opens with a catastrophe. We are reintroduced to the Hogan family on a knife-edge. We find Jim, recently returned from abroad, and stripped of his medical license. He fears for the future of his grandchildren, with his diminished means. Their mother Fiona’s illness is getting worse and there is little for them to inherit or to keep them safe. Jim has returned to find a family in conflict, tensions rife, and trouble brewing which will lead to the catastrophe that opens the series. Over the six episodes we will learn what got us to that tragic point and understand how the pieces fit together as the series progresses.

As with series one, the second series is more than a thrilling mystery surrounding a tragedy, it is a story about truth, family, love and perspective. It will challenge audiences to think about their understanding of events and how people and their actions can challenge our beliefs. A story about how love – and indeed grief, can often blind us to the truth.

Credit Line

A West Road Pictures production in association with Virgin Media Television, Element Pictures and all3media international


Adrian Dunbar, Grainne Keenan, Ian Lloyd Anderson, Fiona Bell, Diarmuid Noyes, Carolina Main


Sophie Petzal


Ingrid Goodwin


Maurice Sweeney (Eps 1 - 3), Laura Way (Eps 4 - 6)

Additional Credits

Executive Producers: Jonathan Fisher, Sophie Petzal

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