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Meat: A Threat to Our Planet?

1 x 1 hr


How the meat industry is destroying our planet

Following on from 2018’s award-winning Drowning in Plastic, animal biologist and meat-eater Liz Bonnin embarks on one of the toughest investigations of her career. Taking her from cattle farms in the decimated Amazon rainforests to US research labs growing in-vitro meat, Liz discovers the stark and sometimes stomach-churning reality of the meat industry. Her aim is to discover if our insatiable appetite for meat is killing the planet. On her travels, she meets characters on all sides of the debate; scientists who argue that meat is an essential part of our lives; environmentalists charting the environmental effect of three billion tonnes of animal manure and food scientists developing meatless alternatives to our every-day meals. The film is a fascinating investigation into the global meat industry and a planet’s ecosystem on the brink of collapse.


The Guardian

The Times

The i
‘Vital television’

“A shocking film even proud carnivores will struggle to ignore”

“A damning exploration of the global meat industry”

“Bonnin more than did her bit in smashing the emergency glass of public consciousness”

“seriously eye-opening, jaw-­dropping stuff”

Credit Line

Raw for BBC One, UK

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