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Cash Day - Format

60 min

Turning a crazy day into a lucky day

Cash Day is a hidden camera prank show with a wonderful twist – it’s really a pop-up game show in disguise.

Unsuspecting shoppers think they are having a particularly irritating day, frustrated by the maddening antics of crazy cashiers, annoying petrol pump attendants or incompetent sales assistants but they are in for a super-sized surprise. What they don’t know is that they are taking part in a quiz show. And all the mayhem is being watched by our host, who is taking note of all the hilarious details of the prank.

Just as the exasperated shopper is about to explode, our host and crew emerge and quickly create a pop up game show set. Our host then asks the contestant three questions about the prank, for every question they get right the player wins a cash reward and if they answer all three questions correctly they scoop the jackpot!

Cash Day is all about laughs and money - what more could you ask for?



Credit Line

South & Browse for ProSieben, Germany

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