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Invisibles, The

6 x 1 hour

A comedy drama series about two men who have been friends for years and legends for life. After fifteen years of living it up in the Costa Del Crime, our boys are back to teach the new world some old tricks. MO and SID pulled off some of the most notorious robberies in the country, up until their retirement job in 1993. Now, aged 60, they return to Blighty, but instead of retiring to enjoy the good life in the country, they soon discover that watercolour classes, WEA courses and the latest Classic FM West End ticket offer are a far from adequate replacement for the white knuckle ride of a spot of breaking and entering. And so, they go back to what they know best… Each week we join our loveable rogues, along with their new hard-man recruit, HEDLEY, to experience a big emotional story with a deliberately “big” and comedic caper - a heist or two with hilarious consequences. © 2008 

Credit Line

Company Pictures for BBC1, UK


Anthony Head (buffy The Vampire Slayer, Little Britain), Warren Clarke (dalziel & Pascoe), Jenny Agutter, Dean Lennox Kelly (shameless), Paul Barber (the Full Monty)


William Ivory (A Thing Called Love, The Sins), Andy Watts, Jack Lothian, Mark Burt.


Richard Burrell, Executive Producers: George Faber, Charles Pattinson, William Ivory And Andrew Lowe.


Will Sinclair, Metin Huseyin.

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