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Celebrity Call Centre - Format

60 min

Everyday problems, extraordinary solutions

Welcome to a call centre like no other, where the phone lines are manned entirely by celebrities. It’s a helpline for the nation and our team of all-star agony aunts are on stand-by to advise members of the public on their problems - large and small.

In this fixed rig show, our team of famous faces never know who’ll be on the other end of the phone or what dilemmas they will face. Using wit, humour, honesty and at times tough love, the call centre team will tackle everyday problems that any of us might face. It could be anything, from how to get through a break-up, dealing with a difficult boss to the perils of on-line dating- no topic is off limits! In the process, the celebrities will open up about their own life experiences and the challenges and heart aches they have faced, providing viewers with revelations and touching insights into their real lives and personalities.

Celebrity Call Centre is a heart-warming, funny and totally unique snapshot of a nation, packed with genuine emotion, real responses and laugh out loud moments. Expect shocks, surprises and revelations as our celebrities tackle the public’s problems and predicaments.


Channel 4

Credit Line

Kerfuffle TV for Channel 4, UK



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