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Kitchen Cook Off - Format

60+ min episodes

When it reaches boiling point, which cook will be off?

Kitchen Cook Off is a daily captivating cooking contest that takes place in real time! That means no extra help is on hand, nothing is edited out, and there’s no time to stop! Our home chefs start the competition divided into two teams. Over the course of each show, they must serve up three dishes following the day’s theme. But it’s not so simple! Firstly, each team has just one minute to plan their menu and two minutes to grab what they need from the larder. The dishes then must be presented at different times – the first after 20 minutes, the second after 35 minutes and the third after 50 minutes. As the clock counts down, will the chefs be chaotic or heroic?!

Only half the team can cook at once, so they need to organise their handovers and instructions well… The jury of two professional chefs and a guest celebrity deliver their verdicts as they taste each plate, and award points at the end of the show. After the head-to-head competition weeks, where one contestant is eliminated from the lowest scoring team each week, one team will come out on top. But it doesn’t end there! The chefs on the winning team must now compete against each other – yesterday’s allies become today’s rivals! As cooks are eliminated, who will survive to be crowned champion and take home the coveted cash prize?

Credit Line

Boxfish for Canal 13, Argentina

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