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Can I Be Your Grandma - Format

60 min episodes

From lonely to homely

For many elderly people holidays and birthdays can be a time of sadness as they don’t have a warm and cosy family to share the important occasions with. Now help is at hand! In this heart-warming series, lonely seniors, who have no family of their own or rarely see their children and grandchildren, are linked to families who are yearning for grandparents. With the help of a skilled host, our wannabe grandparents go in search of the grandchildren they have been longing for, enjoying a series of fun ‘speed dates’ and entertaining outings in a bid to build bonds and get to know the prospective families better. At the end of the search, the lives of one lonely family will be transformed for ever with the all-important question, can I be your grandma?



Credit Line

I Care for SBS 6, Netherlands

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