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Race Across the World - Format

60 min

In this real-world adventure format, five teams of two are racing from point A to B… without flying. Each team must travel across the globe by whatever means they can: foot, car, bicycle, boat, bus, ferry, motorbike, horse… With no phones to help them and only the price of a flight ticket in their pocket (which will have to cover their food and accommodation), it’s set to be the ultimate globe-trotting expedition. Who will make it in the quickest time and win a big cash prize?

Along the way the teams will be racing through the world’s most beautiful scenery, getting help from friendly locals, and immersing themselves in a kaleidoscope of different cultures. This journey will take the teams through multiple countries – so they’ll need to learn how to communicate, eat what the locals eat, and find a way to navigate through mountains, deserts, seas and cities quickly and cheaply. Each episode will bring new challenges as the next checkpoint is revealed.

This is a race which relies on making quick decisions which will be rewarded by spontaneity, authenticity and finding the unique in the most remote corners of the world. Do they have what it takes?

Credit Line

Studio Lambert for BBC Two, UK

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