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Play Your Pets Right - Format

30 min

Pets are put to the test

Play Your Pets Right is the new comedy entertainment show in which the nation’s pets battle it out in hilarious games that test their speed, agility, reaction time and focus. Each episode is filled with tension and fun in equal measure as we witness different challenges taken on by not only cats and dogs but also rabbits, chameleons and guinea pigs – all cheered on by their proud owners. In the Head-to-Head challenges, which furry friend will reach the finishing line, make it out of the maze, or lick their plate clean first?! In the Super Pet segments, be amazed by extraordinarily talented pets – such as an obstacle-jumping alpaca or a dog who can balance practically anything on its head! And that’s not all, each episode also features a round-up of some of the internet’s funniest animal clips, such as Rubbish Pet Fails or Musical Animals!



2019 BAFTA Children's Awards - Entertainment

Credit Line

Lion for Sky Kids, UK

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