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Skins - Series 2

10 x 1 hour

Award-winning indie producer Company Pictures tapped into the youth zeitgeist, drumming up a storm of interest for its youth drama SKINS - now we have a second series. 

Ideal for launching to the i-pod generation via viral and web-based promotional campaign and blogging sites… SKINS centres on the world of an engaging and attractive group of teenagers. Laden with attitude and humour, they demonstrate a broad range of style, ambition and charisma - from the confident, charming, beautiful, yet obsessive Tony, to the hopelessly sexually promiscuous, anorexic Cassie, to the classical musician Jal who tries to rise above it all and the black sheep of the family Anwar, who does everything his strict father tells him he shouldn’t. 

Throughout the show, our gang are all trying to maintain their cool as they face the realities of life in the city. A classy, quality package that generates a huge amount of interest amongst the teenage community… at times hip and irreverent, at times hard-hitting and emotional but always with a sense of humour, plus wit, charm, vigour and great entertainment value.


Broadcast Awards - Best Series (Nominated)

Credit Line

Company Pictures for E4 and Channel 4, UK


Nicholas Hoult (about A Boy), Mike Bailey,  larissa Wilson,  hannah Murray, April Pearson, Joe Dempsie, Dev Patel, Mitch Hewer, Kaya Scodelario, Georgina Moffat


Bryan Elsley, Jamie Brittain, Jack Thorne, Ben Schiffer, Sally Tatchell, Lucy Kirkwood And Daniel Kaluuya


Chris Clough, Chloe Moss (assistant Producer) Bryan Elsley (executive Producer), George Faber (executive Producer), Charlie Patterson (executive Producer)


Aysha Rafaele, Simon Massey, Harry Enfield And Charles Martin

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