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Million Dollar Family - Format

60 min episodes

How well do you know your family and how well do they know you? Enough to win a fortune?

Million Dollar Family is a bold, prime time, family game show with unforgettable visuals and jeopardy. It’s a thrilling game that’s all about knowing and being in sync with your family. Every episode a Contestant and four of his/ her family try to take on 13 questions. On every question the Contestant picks a Family member and together they must give the same correct answer to earn big money that is all placed on an iconic table supported by 8 pillars in the center of the studio. But if the Contestant and that Family member aren’t in sync on the right answer, the pillar that was chosen by the Contestant on that question dramatically collapses. Lose too many pillars and the platform may become dangerously unbalanced. If the platform falls, the money is lost and its game over! But, if it’s still standing after the final 13th question a whopping 1 million dollars is won!

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