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Unschuldig (Innocent, Germany)

2 x 2 hr

Filmpool for ARD, Germany

Family patriarch Alex Schwarz (Felix Klare) is freed from prison after seven years following the revision of a witness statement regarding the alleged murder of his wife Dana. Supported by his brother Daniel (Sascha Alexander Geršak) Alex wants to prove his innocence in order to regain custody of his children Lasse (Yuri Völsch) und Lena (Ruby M. Lichtenberg), who are both in the care of Marion (Anna Loos), the childless sister of his deceased wife, and her husband Uwe (Godehard Giese). Former investigator Jan Menhard (Steven Scharf) is anything but enthusiastic that the case is being reopened by the police, especially as his colleague and former fling Katrin (Britta Hammelstein) is now responsible for uncovering the (true) murderer. Alex’s old friend Sven (Florian Panzner), having previously had an affair with Alex’s wife Dana, is also suspected by the police, along with Marion and Uwe.


Official Selection - Filmfest Hamburg 2018

Credit Line

filmpool fiction for ARD, Germany


Felix Klare, Anna Loos, Britta Hammelstein, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Godehard Giese, Florian Panzer, Steven Scharf, Yuri Volsch, Ruby M. Lichtenberg, Sebastian Hulk, Amilia Bagriacik, Bernhard Conrad U.V.A


Florian Oeller


Nicolai Rohde

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