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Dark Money

4 x 1 hr

The Forge for BBC One, UK in association with all3media international

What's the price of silence?

Following the success of National Treasure, which told the story of a celebrity in the spotlight and his alleged sexual misdemeanour, The Forge brings us Dark Money, their new individual series penned by the award-winning Levi David Addai.

Dark Money follows a young British boy riding the wave of success for his role in a Hollywood blockbuster, when it soon becomes apparent he's suffered abuse on set by the renowned producer. On discovering the devastating news, his parents accept a substantial pay-off to keep silent rather than press charges. Not wanting to hurt their family further from publicity hell, they think this will allow them all to move on. They were wrong. Whilst the pay-off outwardly transforms their lifestyle, the hurt and betrayal cannot be erased and the family begins to crack.

Dark Money confronts the conflict between the price of silence and a parent's responsibility to their son. The film studios' responsibility to its crew and a young boy who put his trust in them. And ultimately if justice can play a role.


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Credit Line

The Forge for BBC One, UK in association with all3media international


Manny: Babou Ceesay (Into the Badlands, National Treasure)
Sam: Jill Halfpenny (Three Girls, Liar)
Isaac: Max Fincham (The Alienist, Pokémon Detective Pikachu)
Sabrina: Susan Wokoma (Chewing Gum, Year of the Rabbit)
Cheryl: Rebecca Front (Poldark, Humans)


Levi David Addai


Erika Hossington


Lewis Arnold

Additional Credits

Executive Producers: Levi David Addai, George Faber, Mark Pybus, Lucy Richer

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