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Beat The Internet - Format

30 min episodes

The brand new game show for the digital generation

Beat the Internet is the fast-paced, humorous game show that is addictively play-along. In a world where we all turn to our trusty search engines for the answers to life’s questions – both big and small – just how good are we now at predicting the computer’s response? In Beat the Internet, the premise is simple – over three knockout rounds five contestants are reduced to two after correctly guessing the most popular ‘autocompletes’ on a series of searches, auto-generated suggestions or search terms that unite seemingly random images. For example, when ‘red wine makes me…’ is typed into a search engine, can you guess what top suggestions pop up? Or how would you complete ‘why are people so…’ or ‘why do dogs like…?’ As contestants scramble to get the top answer as quickly as possible and bag the most points, some very unexpected and strange answers emerge, helped by the comedic host and co-host! In the final round, the two finalists go head-to-head as they race against the clock to identify the 10 most popular answers to a particular term, with the highest scorer being crowned the winner.

Beat the Internet – the brand new game show for the digital generation!


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Vice Studios for UKTV (Dave), UK



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