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The Bad Seed

5 x 60 mins

South Pacific Pictures for TVNZ 1, New Zealand

There are deep rooted secrets in every family

Based on the books by best-selling NZ author Charlotte Grimshaw. Brothers Simon and Ford Lampton come from a dysfunctional family with a dark history. Simon has escaped his past to become a successful obstetrician, living in the best part of town with the seemingly perfect family. Older brother Ford, once estranged and still rough around the edges, is staying in the spare room and appears to be the only disruption to Simon’s controlled life. But when Simon’s neighbour is murdered, the investigation draws the household into a hurricane of scandal.


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NZ TV Craft Awards 2019 - Best Script: Drama (Sarah-Kate Lynch
Michael Beran and Joss King)
NZ TV HUAWEI Mate30 Pro New Zealand TV Awards 2019 - NZ on Air Best Drama Series (Robin Scholes
Kelly Martin and Chris Bailey)
NZ TV Craft Awards 2019 - Best Cinematography: Drama (Dave Garbett)
NZ TV Craft Awards 2019 - Best Contribution to a Soundtrack (Chris Sinclair
Steve Finnigan
Ben Sinclair and Images & Sound)
NZ TV Craft Awards 2019 - Screen Auckland Best Art Direction or Production Design (Nick Williams)

Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for TVNZ 1, New Zealand


Simon: Matt Minto (Home and Away, Infini)

Ford: Dean O'Gorman (The Hobbit Trilogy, Westside)

Karen: Jodie Hillock (The Inland Road, Tracker)

Roza: Chelsie Preston Crayford (Underbelly, The Code)

David: Xavier Horan (The Dead Lands, Westside)


Maria: Madeleine Sami (Super City, Top of the Lake)



Sarah-Kate Lynch, Joss King, Michael Baren


Robin Scholes


Caroline Bell-Booth, Helena Brooks, Mike Smith

Additional Credits

Executive Producer(s): Chris Bailey, Kelly Martin

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