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The Other Side

6 x 1 hr

filmpool for TLC, Germany

Enter the dark world of ghosts and demons.

At the heart of this brand new horror mystery from Germany is the exciting and dangerous fight by former priest Christian Fischer against dark forces. After a near-death experience as a child, Christian was left with two special gifts - he can feel the presence of supernatural powers and has access to the other side. Attracted by unexplained events, he travels through the countryside to save people from damnation. But the dark forces are constantly against him, pushing him beyond his physical and emotional limits as he attempts to bring peace to the living as well as the dead souls. The ambitious and beautiful Dr. Eva Richter soon becomes and important partner for Christian. As his fight takes him to the darkest recesses of his mind she must act as an emotional support in his battle against a powerful and dark world far beyond their imaginations.

Credit Line

filmpool for TLC, Germany


Jana Reiß, Robert Ritter



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