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Genderquake - Format

1 hr episodes

Men, women... and everything in between

One house, twelve gorgeous people.  All have strong opinions about their gender and sexuality.  As they come together for this identity parade with a difference, what will be the outcome?   

In modern day society, what it means to be a man or a woman is changing more than ever: it’s never been more confusing to be young, free and single.  As gender-fluidity explodes into the public consciousness, this thought-provoking series explores why this is happening and what it means for the future. 

Our twelve strangers – representing different parts of the gender spectrum from heterosexual to homosexual, transsexual to pansexual or asexual – come together to live under one roof.  As cameras follow their every move and they complete tasks to shed light on identity and sexuality, who will be fractious and who will be flirtatious?  Will living together bring our protagonists together or split them apart? As our housemates seek affirmation or answers, how will the experience change the way they see themselves, and their feelings for each other?


MIPCOM Diversify Awards 2018 - Representation of LGBTQ - Non Scripted (nomination)

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Optomen for Channel 4, UK

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