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Blinded (Fartblinda)

8 x 60 mins


Risk is nothing, status is everything

Blinded is an exciting and credible financial thriller featuring captivating, complex characters. Young financial journalist Bea Farkas is having a secret affair with bank director Peder Rooth. She knows it’s unprofessional – her job is to investigate people like him – but she’s in love and can’t bring herself to end it. Neither of them are typical to their line of work. They both come from working-class backgrounds, and both have moved up the socio-economic ladder. She’s single, but he’s married to an upper-class woman called Sophie.

One day, Bea is given the assignment to monitor the bank’s quarterly report. She interviews Peder and both play their roles well. Careful to not give him any preferential treatment because of their relationship, she asks tough questions about how it’s been possible for the bank to post extremely low credit losses despite being Scandinavia’s most profitable specialised bank. There’s a well-known relationship between profit and risk. Peder is bothered by the questions and later tries to urge her to join in with how the rest of the media is covering the bank, singing their praises. Her criticism is going against the grain. People could start wondering if she has something personal against him. Or if she’s overcompensating… Bea sees the whole situation as proof that their relationship is untenable. You can’t mix business with pleasure like this. Then something happens that casts the whole thing in a completely different light. Bea gets an anonymous tip that she’s on the right track with the credit losses. Peder Rooth is hiding something.

Filmed in Swedish with subtitle options available


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"Best series in the world right now!”

”Fartblinda is one of the best new dramas of this year. The second part of the series is the best I have seen in years.”

”Julia Ragnarsson is brilliant.”

”Blinded is well produced, well played and extremely cool.”

”On par with US Succession!"

”Extremely confident and well-produced 8-part drama thriller!”

”Julia Ragnarsson and Matias Varela deliver!"


Credit Line

FLX for C More and TV4 in association with all3media international


Peder: Matias Varela (Narcos, The Borgias)
Bea: Julia Ragnarsson (Spring Tide, The Bridge)


Jesper Harrie (The Bonus Family, Solsidan), Maria Karlsson (Easy Money), Jonas Bonnier (The Helicopter Heist)


Jan Marnell


Jens Jonsson (Easy Money 3, The Ping Pong King, The Hunters Series), Johan Lundin

Additional Credits

Executive Producers: Joshua Mehr, Fatima Varhos, Pontus Edgren, Martina Hakansson, Nils Tham



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