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Westside - Series 4

10 x 1 hr

South Pacific Pictures

Westside explores the fates and fortunes of the infamous West family as they march through history.

In deepest, darkest Henderson, as 1982 ticks over into 1983, there’s going to be a wedding at the West house. No-one’s said anything yet, but it is out there, waiting to happen. All it needs is for someone to propose to someone else. And it would be good too if the groom-to-be can manage to stay out of prison long enough to walk down the aisle.

There’s a poem about weddings. It outlines all the things a bride might need on her wedding day. It starts with the words “something old”. Old, like maybe an old safecracker, feeling like the world is passing him by, looking for solutions at the bottom of a bottle. Or maybe old like the matriarch of the West family, having trouble dealing with that fact that one day soon she’s going to be Grandma Rita.

The next line of the poem goes: “something new”. New, like maybe a new arrival into the West clan. There’s nothing like the arrival of a new baby to give great cause for celebration. Or maybe the something new is the magical place you discover when you’re trying to deal with a tragedy.

Something borrowed. Well, borrowing things and never returning them is pretty much what the Wests do best. Mind you, even a West needs to be on his toes when he’s taken from a dodgy bookie with connections to the All-Japan Seaman’s Association. Or maybe it’s about the job that unites the family in righteous revenge against an abusive rich guy, but which leads to someone becoming the ultimate sacrifice.

Something blue. Or maybe it’s someone with the blues, dealing with them as best they can. Or with the aid of illicit substances. Or by falling into bed with the wrong people. Mind you, the police also wear blue and it wouldn’t be a West wedding without the police turning up, would it?

The last line of the poem goes something like: “and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. But you need a lot more than a silver sixpence to stage a West wedding.

You need the West house backyard; the dress to end all dresses; not one but two pigs on a spit; a huge-as cake; an uninvited arrival of some old adversaries; at least one all-in brawl – especially if it involves the second-deadliest man in Henderson; at least one marriage break-up, to counter the actual marriage – if that actually goes ahead, which is no sure thing given the number of people trying to sabotage it; and, of course, truckloads and truckloads of alcohol. Yeah, that’s what you need for a Westside Season 4 wild West wedding.

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Credit Line

South Pacific for TV3, New Zealand


Antonia Prebble, David de Lautour, Reef Ireland, Ashleigh Cummings


Mark Beesley (Outrageous Fortune)

Additional Credits

Executive Producers: Chris Bailey, Kelly Martin

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