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6 x 1 hour

According to Mack Carter, whoever said crime doesn’t pay was an idiot… But when Mack is sent down for a four year prison sentence for robbery, his wife Lindsay Carter starts to think that maybe the idiot had a point, and it’s time the Carter family gave up the family business of theft, fraud and the odd bit of forgery. This revelation comes as something of a shock to the Carter off-spring who start to wonder if Mum just might have lost her mind – after all, crime has been in the family for generations! However, Lindsay finds support in her eldest son, Taylor, who has just graduated as a lawyer, and this proves to Lindsay exactly what can be achieved with a little honest hard work. Taylors’ siblings Vin, Kacie and Lianna will not be best pleased when they find out what Lindsay’s got lined up for them and exactly how hard this honest life is going to be. HONEST is an amusing drama, full of wonderful family characters, about trying to stay on the straight and narrow - in a world that’s appears to be rather crooked… 

Credit Line

A Greenlit Rights production for ITV1, UK


Amanda Redman (new Tricks, Mike Bassett: England Manager).  sean Pertwee (wilderness, Dog Soldiers)


Jack Williams, James Griffins


Jill Green, Eve Gutierrez


Brian Kelly, Julian Holmes

Additional Credits

Jack Williams, James Griffins

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