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Nightmare Pets SOS - Format

30 min episodes

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

From budgies to bulldogs and tabby cats to tortoises, we love our pets… but sometimes animals have a funny way of loving us back. They steal our food, scratch our furniture, wreck our gardens, stain our carpets and ruin our sleep. But this bad behaviour isn't just irritating – it’s really costly.

Now help is at hand in the form of a unique animal training centre run by some of the nation’s best pet psychologists, behaviour experts and trainers.

In each episode the experts meet with owners and their pets, who are in desperate need of help. Using their specialist skills, they get inside the heads of our pets and change the bad habits of their owners. But at the end of training, will our experts have transformed the pet’s behaviour?

This modern, entertaining and informative format has a cast of reccurring charismatic experts, loads of cute animals and brilliant tips to keep viewers coming back week after week.


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Studio Lambert for BBC One, UK



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