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Getting Animated - Format

Shortform - 5 or 30 minutes

The chat show with guaranteed laughs

GETTING ANIMATED is a comedy entertainment show, where comedians and celebrities tell hilarious personal stories, brought to life through amazing cartoon-style animation.

In each segment one celebrity relates an incredible story from their life to a celebrity friend, giving a conversational, comedic and often intimate feel to their tale.  The friend interjects, adding their own witty comments to the chat.

Combined with these conversations are perfectly timed animation sequences, synced with the performers’ voices, illustrating the absurdity and visual humour of the tale. These animated sequences transport viewers into a fictional world – as a whole range of subjects are discussed from dating disasters to holiday horrors and funny family feuds, as well as amazingly comical mishaps and events from the celebrity’s life.  The animations can be set in any decade or location depending on the details of our famous person’s story.

Working as both standalone shorts or themed 30 minute episodes, GETTING ANIMATED brings hilarious, honest and relatable personal stories to life through stunning animation – whilst offering huge potential for laugh-out-loud  viral content... there’s no telling what will be revealed – this is GETTING ANIMATED.


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Lion Television for BBC Three, UK



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