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Liar - Series 2

6 x 1hr

Two Brothers Pictures for ITV, UK in association with all3media international

What really happened to Andrew Earlham?

Three weeks after an arrest warrant was issued for him for the sexual assault of 16 women, Andrew Earlham’s decomposing body is found in the Kent marshes. His throat slit, it’s declared he was murdered sometime in the last three days. We pick up series two as the news ripples through the seaside community. As one of Andrew’s more recent victims, Laura Nielson is trying to move on from her ordeal, so when she learns of Andrew’s death, she can’t help feeling relieved. The last three weeks spent with him out there and missing have not been easy...

Yet not everyone is so unperturbed by the news. DI Vanessa Harmon is expecting a child, however her assault by Andrew has cast a shadow over what should be a joyous moment in her life with partner Jennifer. Katy, Laura’s sister, has been emotionally ravaged by the fallout of her sister’s rape and the breakup with her husband Liam. Andrew’s death will force these characters to face up to the secrets of their recent past, secrets many of them hoped would stay buried.

DS Rory Maxwell joins new detective Cassidy in the search to uncover clues about Andrew’s past, and unpack the events of the three crucial weeks leading up to his death - to find his killer. As the investigation quickly gains momentum, bringing new characters to the foreground who could hold the answers to Andrew’s grisly demise, Laura finds herself once again drawn into Andrew’s destructive path and must fight to be believed.


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Credit Line

Two Brothers Pictures for ITV, UK in association with all3media international


Laura: Joanne Froggatt (Dark Angel, Downton Abbey)

Andrew: Ioan Gruffudd (Harrow, Fantastic Four)

DI Karen Renton: Katherine Kelly (Happy Valley, Cheat)

Carl: Howard Charles (The Musketeers, The Widow)

Winnie: Amy Nuttall (Downton Abbey, New Tricks)

Oliver: Sam Spruell (The Last Ship, Legend)

Ruby: Sian Clifford (Fleabag, Vanity Fair)


Harry Williams, Jack Williams 


Executive Producers: Christopher Aird, Sarah Hammond, Harry Williams, Jack Williams

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