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Made in Asia: The Real Lion

2 x 1 hr

A challenging journey of discovery

There are thousands of people in Europe who have been adopted internationally – taken from their country of birth and raised in a different part of the world. Most of them know little about the lives they left behind and the people who gave birth to them. This series follows four adult adoptees from the UK who have been searching for their biological families and the truth about their roots.

Each programme follows two contributors travelling out to India and Sri Lanka on their search. The only information they have to help them are the documents – birth certificates and adoption orders – that their adoptive parents were given. As each contributor searches, they discover that these papers are less reliable than they first thought. And that the story of their adoption is much more complicated – and corrupt – than many of them could ever have thought.

Part detective story and part personal journey, this series takes viewers on a deeply emotional journey as contributors search for answers about where they have come from, and who they could have been. Made in Asia: The Real Lion is filmed in the UK, India and Sri Lanka.

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Raw for BBC Two, UK

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