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Undateables, The - Series 8

4 x 1 hr

In a world where first impressions are everything, finding love can be tricky – let alone when you have a disability, when it can sometimes seem impossible. Award-winning series The Undateables returns with new singletons looking for love. 

In this series, meet rugby player Luke, 19, has plenty of female admirers, but despite his good looks and confidence on the pitch, Luke is terrified of dating. He has Tourette’s Syndrome, finds it hard to control his physical and vocal tics and can be self-conscious when meeting girls. With a job as a chef, a degree in science and health and a great set of friends, Luke believes finding a girlfriend is the final piece of the puzzle.

Bookseller Sam, 25, longs for the romance he reads about in novels. Sam, who has Asperger’s, takes great pride in his dental regime and is looking for someone with the same sense of personal hygiene. Sam is gay, but finds the scene intimidating, but he now feels ready to put himself out there and find his first ever boyfriend.

Photography graduate Becky, 23, is skilled with a camera but when it comes to approaching men, she lacks the same level of prowess. She has scoliosis, a genetic condition that causes a curvature of the spine. She is a self-confessed romantic – with a love-themed tattoo on her arm. Becky has never had a boyfriend, but she’s now determined to put herself out there and find her Mr Right.


TV Choice Awards 2017 - Best Lifestyle (Nominated)
Diversity in Media Awards 2018 - Best Program (nominated)
Diversity TV Excellence Awards 2017 - Best Representation of Disability: Non-Scripted (Nomination)

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