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He Kills Coppers

3 x 1 hour

Based on the best selling book by Jake Arnott, this is a tense, crime drama set amidst London’s World Cup fever of 1966. Just days after England’s victory - the country is shocked by the brutal killing of three police officers by small time crook Billy Porter. Two men, the young ambitious DS Frank Taylor and the charming yet chillingly violent journalist Tony Meehan, become obsessed with tracking down Porter, who manages to evade capture for twenty years. The lives of the three men are finally inextricably linked on the day of the murders. Over the next 20 years Frank and Tony, for very different reasons, will relentlessly pursue Billy - sacrificing their careers and relationships in order to confront this man who has so affected their lives.


RTS Awards 09- Best Actor Nomination for Rafe Spall

Credit Line

Ecosse Films for ITV1, UK


Rafe Spall, Mel Raido, Steve Robertson, Liam Garrigan, Kelly Reilly, Maureen Lipman.


Ed Whitmore (hallam Foe, Waking The Dead), Based On The Book By Jake Arnott


Producer: David Boulter (the Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Eastenders), Michael Parke. Executive Producer: Douglas Rae (becomming Jane, Charlotte Gray, Mrs Brown), Robert Bernstein.


Adrian Shergold (pierrepoint, Ahead Of The Class)

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