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Whirlwind Wedding AKA Married in 12 Hours - Format

60 or 90 min episodes

Will you marry me... in 12 hours?

Many couples aspire to a dream wedding, but sometimes lack the courage, the time and the money to do so. In this exciting format, a future groom will be tempted with a once in a lifetime offer: a wedding to finally marry the love of their life at no cost to them. The fine print: the marriage is supposed to happen today!

He must make the crucial decision with no time to spare: will he be able to find an engagement ring and propose? And if she says yes: will they manage to invite their families and friends, find a suitable location, the wedding rings, the wedding outfits as well as the venue, the celebrant, the party band and the decorations – all in the next 12 hours? But no need to panic, help is at hand. A well-known wedding planner and their host will assist the prospective newlyweds to achieve their dream. When facing each decision, they must be wise and stay within their budget. So, will they live happily ever after?


RTL2 (Germany)
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SEO for RTL II, Germany

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