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The Truth About Carbs

1 x 1 hr

Play your carbs right!

If you want to feel good, stay slim and eat the best diet possible, forget everything you think you know about carbohydrates. Whether they make you fat is in your genes, and if you eat the right types, in the right amounts, you are less likely to be fat, less likely to develop type two diabetes and less likely to die of heart disease. In fact, being smart about carbs is a sure fire way to gain control of everything from your appetite to your energy levels, your weight and even your life expectancy.

But with 63 per cent of UK adults now considered overweight or obese, many experts think that we are eating far too many wrong sorts of carbohydrate. Throw in conflicting advice from government health advisors, slimming clubs, lifestyle bloggers and dieticians, and it can be hard to tell if your lunchtime baked potato is a sensible source of nutrition – or a short cut to ill health and low mood.

In this entertaining and informative one-hour documentary, Doctor Xand Van Tulleken examine whether it is still possible to eat carbs, but in a way that is much healthier for us – with lots of surprising but scientifically-backed conclusions that could make a big difference to your health.

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