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£10k Holiday Home

6 x 30 mins

Creating a dream holiday home on small budgets

Owning a property abroad is not just for the rich. We all spend an average of £5k a year on holidays, but what could you buy for £10k as a permanent holiday home?

In this series, presenter Julia Bradbury investigates the 10k holiday home phenomenon. She takes on her own DIY project - buying and renovating a holiday home in Portugal - with a budget of only £10k.

Friend and designer, Max McMurdo steps in to help her take on the challenge. To get ideas and inspiration for her project, Julia meets with ingenious property owners who have paid less than twice the annual budget of the average family holiday, to achieve clever and tasteful designs within extremely small budgets, creating the ultimate holiday havens.

But will it all be enough to realise the dream of a home in the sun?

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betty for ITV, UK

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