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Stealing Van Gogh

1 x 1 hr

On 7th December 2002, two thieves broke into the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They stole two paintings and disappeared into the night. The theft is listed by the FBI as one of top ten art crimes of all time. In late 2016, the paintings were discovered holed up behind a false wall in a hideout of the Camorra, the notorious Neapolitan crime syndicate.

With special access to this international art crime story – presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon  pieces together the story of the two paintings and also looks at the wider world of art crime – why are paintings stolen, what is their value, how are they trafficked on the black market. Sifting through the evidence, the film will  trace the path these paintings took through the criminal world, how they were sold on the black market and the painstaking investigation that led to their eventual recovery, verification and restoration.

This is a story that will take us from one of the world’s greatest museums to the clandestine world of the Neapolitan Mafiosi. And through the detectives, cops, art crime experts, curators and restorers who attempted to track the works down.

Packed with tension and insight into both the shady world of art crime and the detectives whose mission it is to recover these treasures, the film has 360 degree access to the story and will reveal the wider story of art crime.

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Lion TV for BBC Two, UK

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