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Human Guinea Pigs - Series 1

8 x 1/2 hour

Five loveable idiots. One unique professor. Brought together to bring the principles of science to life for our viewing pleasure. Meet the Guinea Pigs, five of the most stupid people in the universe and proffesor Stuart Milligan who is one of the cleverest. He’s pushes the boys phsyically and mentally to the absolute limits of stupidity all in the pursuit of science. Guinea Pigs is very different to any science show you’ve seen before. It’s a comedy soap opera built around real characters who suffer in the name of science. The Guinea Pigs spend a month living in a house together, hanging out together, suffering together and taking the piss out of each other. The Professor experiments on them to explain the wonders of science to us. And because its fun to watch them suffer.

Credit Line

North One Television for Five, UK


Daniel Ibbertson, Oli Wyatt, Nicky Russell, Mike Sanders, Matthew Kirby.


Executive Producer: Katy Thororgood, Series Producer - Mike Reilly


Mike Reilly

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