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Hidden (Craith)

8 x 1 hr

Severn Screen

Hidden is the eight-part crime drama from the award-winning makers of Hinterland.

DCI Cadi John stands overlooking her childhood home. From the picturesque Bangor, overlooking the churning waters of the Menai Straits, to the abandoned quarries of Llanberis; from the mountains of Snowdonia National Park to the wind-swept Llŷn Peninsula, this is a landscape she knows well. A world she never expected to return to.

Drawn back for personal reasons – the faltering health of her beloved father – Cadi finds herself policing the precinct and people of her youth. It is a job she enjoys. However, when the body of a local woman is found in a disused quarry, Cadi’s world - and the world of those around her – is changed forever.

A story of family and sisterhood; three sisters caring for their stricken father; three sisters negotiating their own disparate lives; three sisters connected by birth, driven apart by blood.

When a local girl goes missing, what began with a murder investigation, will quickly escalate into a race against time; a desperate search to save the life of a vulnerable young woman held against her will in a ramshackle compound in the mountains.

Hidden is a gripping serial made up of inter-weaving narratives, all of them linked by a single crime – the abduction and incarceration of three young women, held in captivity, high in the hills by a local man.

For Cadi and her sisters, the investigation will pose difficult questions, testing their love for each other and forcing them to answer the ultimate question – what comes first; family or truth?

Coming home isn’t easy.

Credit Line

Severn Screen for S4C, BBC Wales and BBC Four, UK


Sian Reese-Williams, Rhodri Meilier, Owen Arwyn


Gareth Bryn

Additional Credits

Executive Producers: Mark Andrew, Ed Talfan

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