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Partners In Rhyme - Format

30 mins

We can't all dance, sing or cook, but everyone can rhyme!

Partners in Rhyme is the hilarious studio game show that sees two teams go head-to-head in a series of fun rhyme-based rounds.

Each team consists of a member of the public and two celebrities.  Over the following four rounds, the teams battle it out to solve amusing rhymes.  Crazy animations have everyone trying to guess faces in unfamiliar places – Jay Z hiding in a tree, or Obama on a llama!  The celebrities must also work together to describe and mime the rhyme for the contestants to guess – Al Pacino eating a Jalapeno, or Tom Hanks robbing banks – with laugh-out-loud results.

It’s play along fun at home for the whole family as we see who’s terrific… and who’s horrific.

The highest scoring contestant at the end of the fourth round goes through to the ‘Rhyme Against Time’.  Here they must correctly guess the six triple rhymes on the board – Taylor Swift with a gift in a lift – to win a trip abroad.

Partners in Rhyme – who will do okay, and who will win the day?


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Panda TV part of the Objective Media Group for BBC One, UK

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