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Emerald Falls

1 x 2 hours

When kindergarten teacher and single mother Joni Ferguson decides life is too short to play safe she buys a near derelict bed and breakfast in the stunningly picturesque Blue Mountains of New South Wales in Australia - against the advice of her ex-husband Paul. Their fifteen-year-old son Zac dismisses his father’s private school aspirations and decides to move with Joni. Six months later and as her ex-husband predicted … the business isn’t doing very well. The bank is on Joni’s back about late repayments, the Lodge is all but derelict and more worryingly Zac seems distant and uncommunicative. When the local doctor, Henry Forbes, who has been Joni’s trusted friend and confidante, suddenly dies, Joni’s life is sent into a tailspin. But death appears to transform Zac… His vitality returns with a new motivation, and his self-consciousness is swallowed by exacting analysis of the situation. He’s convinced that Doctor Henry Forbes was murdered.

Credit Line

A Pacific & Beyond and Spider Ink Production for the Ten Network, Australia


Georgie Parker (stepfather Of The Bride, All Saints) Vince Colosimo (without A Trace), Leon Ford (hex)


Tim Pye (Stupid, stupid man, White Collar Blue) and Cathy Strickland (McCloud's daughters, Murder Call)


Executive Producers: Ron Saunders And Sue Masters. Producers: Tim Pye And Cathy Strickland


Peter Andrikidis (Farscape, Mary Bryant)

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