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3 x 1 hour

TORN is a dramatic saga of parental love, family and belonging - inspired by a true story. Two families’ lives are turned upside down when a mother recognises her daughter who was snatched from a beach 12 years before, and had generally been assumed drowned. But reuniting a family causes destruction and heartache, wherein nobody knows where they really belong and ultimately it takes the death of a special kind of mother to bring resolution…


RTS Awards- Nominee for best Drama Serial

Credit Line

A TXTV Production for ITV1, UK


Holly Aird (waking The Dead, Losing It), Bradley Walsh (coronation Street), Adam Kotz (the Last King Of Scotland, Messiah), Nicola Walker (River)


Chris Lang (primeval, Amnesia)


Jeremy Gwilt (monarch Of The Glenn, Amnesia)


Sarah Harding (lewis, Poirot)

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