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Alone With The In-Laws - Format

60 min

As the Big Day approaches, most engaged couples will focus on creating the perfect wedding. But while planning a celebration is one thing, making a success of the years that follow is another. Just how prepared are young couples for the Better and the Worse?

Our expert has an unusual way of helping them find out! They’ll each be sent to spend some time alone with their prospective in-laws, armed with a list of questions covering everything from fidelity, domestic duties, money and sex.

By asking questions, they’ll get a unique insight into the marriage that their partner grew up observing and perhaps learn more about the person they love from the parents who raised them. Will this brave, social experiment give the couple the foundation to build a solid relationship or will the experience send them running? What will they discover when they are Alone with the In-Laws?


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Studio Lambert for BBC Two, UK

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