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Ghost Squad - Scripted Format

60 min episodes - 8 scripts available

Who polices the police?

The Ghost Squad is a powerful and fast-paced new eight-part drama. Amy Harris is a young, ambitious policewoman. Funny, intelligent and sociable, her colleagues love her - she’s a part of the team and someone you can trust. But Amy has a secret. 

She is part of ‘The Ghost Squad’, an elite team of officers who run covert investigations in to potentially corrupt policemen and women. Amy works with cops who trust her with their lives and think she’s one of them. But the truth is she’s watching, listening, recording – following their every move, judging them, and uncovering the truth. In each episode Amy’s assignations take her to a different city and a different police station, working undercover alongside an unwitting target who thinks she’s a friend, an ally, even a lover…. The Ghost Squad pits cop against cop.

 There are of course plenty of decent and honourable cops out there. But Amy’s not interested in them. She’s after the ones that steal drugs from the property room then sell them back to the dealers. She’s after the cops that take advantage of prostitutes and who’d think nothing of breaking a suspect’s arm in the back of a police van. Historically, the original ‘Ghost Squad’ began in early 1994, as a covert operation. It was authorised by the then Metropolitan Police Commissioner as part of an anti-corruption campaign. 

It was effectively disbanded in 1998 when Scotland Yard went public with the second five-year phase of its anti-corruption initiative. Now there is an independent body, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to investigate allegations against the police. However, it is widely believed that The Ghost Squad was never really closed down and that it still exists today.


Channel 4 (UK)


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