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Outrageous Fortune - Scripted Format

60 min episodes - 106 scripts available

Going straight is going to mean changing the habits of a lifetime

The Wests are a one-family crime wave with a proud tradition in thievery, larceny and petty crime, until now. When patriarch Wolfgang West is sentenced to four years in jail, his wife Cheryl decides enough is enough; the family are cleaning up their act and going straight. Can the Wests live up to Cheryl’s resolve and stay out of crime? 

It’s not easy to be a saint when you have the DNA of a sinner. Outrageous Fortune follows one cheerfully trashy crime family’s attempts to stay out of trouble: matriarch Cheryl, determined to save her brood from following in their father’s fingerprints; eldest son Jethro, an ambitious lawyer-to-be with a few secrets; Jethro’s twin Van (identical except in the brains department) who only wants to follow in his father’s footsteps; eighteen year-old Pascalle, who wants to be Rachel Hunter; fifteen year-old movie buff Loretta, who is blackmailing her teacher; and Grandpa Ted, who may have Alzheimers – unless he’s just playing it up to annoy people. 

Then there’s Detective Sergeant Wayne Judd, the West family nemesis; wealthy Asian family the Hong’s, who may or may not have Triad connections; Caroline Darling, Loretta’s deputy principal, who has been having an affair with Jethro since he was a fifteen year-old student; and Munter, Van’s best mate and partner in crime; and Wolf himself, who does not intend to take his wife’s sudden wave of righteousness lying down. 

Outrageous Fortune is a family comedy-drama about the wrong sort of people trying to do the right thing when the rewards for going straight are neither immediate nor bountiful. Outrageous Fortune is a bold, fresh comedy-drama which is by turns bawdy, action-packed, satirical and trashy - but only ever a heartbeat away from reality. 

Go back to where the Wests all began with the 2015 production Westside, set in the the days of disco where the infamous Ted and Rita West are starting out on their life of serious crime. If you like Outrageous Fortune, you'll love this...


aV3 (New Zealand) ITV1 (UK) ABC (USA)


Average Share for Series 1: 25.4%; Series 2: 28.8%; Series 3: 29.8%. Commissioned for 6th series in NZ, bringing the total number of episodes to over 100.


Quantas TV Awards 2005 - 6 awards including Best Director Best Script and Best Drama
New York Festivals Programming and Promotions Awards 2007 - Finalist Certificates in the Drama and Best Editing (Drama) Categories
Air New Zealand Screen Awards 2006 - Best Drama Series and Best Drama Programme
Air New Zealand Screen Awards - Sony Best Drama Programme; Performance by an actress (Robyn Malcolm); Performance by an actor (Antony Starr); Performance by supporting actor (Frank Whitten); Drama Script (James Griffin); Achievement in directing; Drama / comedy programme (Simon Bennett)
Winner of 5 Quantas Awards 2007 - Best actor (Anthony Starr); Best actress (Robyn Malcolm); Best script (James Griffin); Best drama and Best editing

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South Pacific Pictures for TV3, New Zealand

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