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World's Ugliest Pets

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Picture perfect pugs, cutesy kittens and beautiful baby rabbits - the world is awash with adorable pets.
But what about the ugly ones?!

From cross-eyed Chihuahuas to hump-backed hamsters, animal lover Caroline Quentin has always had a soft spot for our fugly (fabulously-ugly!) furry friends. So now, we’re sending her to the Mecca of mutt-ugly animals:
The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California.

Starting her journey here in the UK, Caroline will meet some of our country’s ugliest pets, learning about their unique personalities and meeting each pet’s devoted and quirky owners, who’ll share how their unconventional animals
have opened their hearts - and changed their lives. And along the way she will search for Britain’s ugliest pooch to take to the States and represent the UK.

Caroline might meet father-of-two John from Loughborough, who is known locally for taking his enormous four-foot lizard Bow, on walks around the town on a specially-made leash - or Ug, (above right) named by his dog rescue home
for his unfortunate looks. Caroline might take a stroll with Ug and his owner April, who says
that as soon as she laid eyes on her bug eyed, buck-toothed pooch it was love at first sight.

After Caroline has selected her favourite and fugliest canine, she’ll cross the Atlantic to California – along with the dog and its owner – to fly the flag for the UK when he enters our fugly hound into the contest.

But can our British underdog, fetch the title away from the Americans to be crowned the World’s Ugliest Pet?!

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