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Monty Don’s Paradise Gardens

2 x 1hr

Finding inspiration in Islam's ancient gardens - and the promise of heaven on earth

We are familiar with Monty Don's garden at Longmeadow and enjoy its different rooms every week on Gardeners' world. These have all been mapped out and lovingly created by him. They have been influenced largely by the culture set out by British gardeners using native plants and shrubs that thrive in this soil and climate.

Now Monty is going to set off on a journey to find out how a very different culture and climate has influenced garden design in its own way. In this two part series Monty will look at what marks out a garden in the Islamic world and the influence this has had on gardens much closer to home. His journey will see him start in the historical and stunning Islamic gardens of Andalucía before heading east to the beating heart of Islam: Turkey, Iran and India.

Over the two episodes, Monty will discover and learn about the four areas of Islamic civilisation; Andalucían, Moghul, Persian and Ottoman, by visiting gardens that represent and symbolise each. Across his journey he will also discover the huge importance of gardens in Islamic culture.

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Blink Films for BBC Two, UK

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