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4 x 30 mins


Bucket is a comedy about a mother-daughter relationship on the road to resolve the past that’s made their present tense.

For her 70th birthday, MIM MORGENSTEIN wants her only child FRAN to drive them on “the mini-break they never had”.  Fran obliges, but no good deed goes unpunished.  After a childhood dream is ruined for the second time, Fran vows never to go anywhere with her mother again, but Mim has a devastating trump card up her sleeve.  She’s dying. 

And there’s no way Mim is going to sit at home and wait for death.  She has compiled a “bucket list” of destinations she simply has to see to die happy.  This is Mim’s DREAM.

For Fran, this is her NIGHTMARE.  Spending time with the mad mother who sprinted naked around the quads at Cambridge, is determined to go sky-diving, and refused to attend her graduation.  But the stakes are high – it’s now or never for a mother and child reunion – so she says yes.

Each episode there is a self-contained story that illuminates aspects of the mother-daughter relationship, from guilt and blame to love and affection and right back again.  But there is also an unfolding narrative across the series with secrets, lies and a few well-cooked chickens coming home to roost…

There is Mim’s impending mortality, but there is also the fact that Mim’s daughter has got to her mid-thirties and never got it on!  Mim insists that Fran lose that virginity to anyone who’ll take it, open herself up to all that life has to offer.  It’s carpe diem time for both of them.

Irreverent and involving, this show has a lot of mouth, some trousers and plenty of heart.



TV Choice Awards 2017 - Best Comedy (Nomination)


"Miriam Margoyles at her raucous, foul-mouthed best" - Daily Mail

"Margoyles was born to play Mim" - The Telegraph

"Bucket has everything you could possibly need in a mother-daughter comedy. A riot." - The Telegraph

“Tenderness, fury, and lashings of gynaecology: Bucket has everything you could possibly need in a mother-daughter comedy. A riot.” – Telegraph

“It has bawdy jokes, a proper plot and a mother-daughter relationship that isn’t so much dysfunctional as dangerously unhinged.” – Daily Express

“It’s a wonderfully wrongfooting blend of rude and warm.” – Radio Times 

“The sweetest comedy I’ve seen in years. It’s also laugh-out-loud funny.” -  The Mirror

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Credit Line

Solution 3 Productions and Company Pictures for BBC Four, UK


Miriam Margolyes, Frog Stone, Stephanie Beecham, Maggie Steed, Catherine Steadman, Cyril Nri


 Creator and Writer: Frog Stone


Producer: Katie Mavroleon
Executive Producer: Judy Counihan


 Rebecca Rycroft

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