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Murder On The Internet aka Dated To Death

2 x 1hr

The dangers of online dating laid bare

Now, more than ever, dating can be a dangerous thing. Dating is getting increasingly risky in this modern age where technology is opening up a new way for murderers to hunt and kill. With dating moving online in the form of apps and websites we are becoming less likely to know our date, strangers can hide behind fake profiles and webs of lies.

In this 2 x 60’ series we will uncover and reveal the sometimes terrible and heinous results of daring to date. We will explore the murders that have gone from date to death, focusing on between 2 and 5 cases in each show we will delve into the scary incidences where unsuspecting women and men have gone from looking for love to an untimely and horrific end. We will catalogue the most shocking killings related to dating from a chef who killed a Liverpool mum, to serial killer who used modern methods to lure and kill his victims.

Crimes linked to dating apps Tinder and Grindr, including rape, child sex grooming and attempted murder, have increased seven fold in just two years. On average 10 women and men end up being killed by their partner, lover, husband or wife every month in the UK. Statistically you are more likely to be killed by your boyfriend or husband than anyone else.

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Spun Gold TV for Channel 5, UK

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