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Underdog Show - Format

60 min eps

An amusing, highly entertaining and feel-good format that combines a nation’s affection for dogs with the appeal of celebrities.

Eight famous faces find themselves in the unlikeliest of TV double acts - paired up with eight previously untrained and abandoned canine companions - to compete in The Underdog Show. Together they enrol on a six week crash-course in “doggy” discipline. The first live show sees the celebrities’ show-off their new training skills, within a time limit, in a bid to impress three expert judges and the viewing public – whose vote counts for 50% of the overall result, revealed in a tense follow-up show later that evening. Each week, one celebrity and their dog exit the competition leaving three remaining duos to battle it out in the Grand Finale with the piece de resistance - doggy dancing! All dogs taking part are from a recognized canine rescue organization. Their courage is rewarded when they are placed up for adoption with the viewers – or indeed the celebrities - who have also nominated animal charities to which profits from the phone votes are donated. So the celebrities must train intensively, connect with their dog, understand dog psychology and - most importantly - remember all the rules when performing for the judges and an endlessly ticking clock! Who will emerge leader of the pack? Which dog will refuse training at the first hurdle and which one is able to sit and “roll-over” – and which one would you like to take home! 


BBC2 (Series 1:UK) Living TV (Series 2: UK) Nelonen (Finland)
Show TV (Turkey)


UK Series 1: 9.3% average market share. Finland: Number of viewers nearly double the slot's previous average.

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Splash Media

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