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Forensics - Series 2

5 x 1 hr5

Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction...

Forensics is back exploring the world of Forensic Science in solving real crimes from New Zealand. Forensics will take viewers on a ride of mystery, intrigue and fear and will appeal to anyone who is a fan of whodunits, forensic science and police shows. 

Each programme focuses on a real single crime that was solved by the combination of clever crime investigation and forensic science. This is in-depth, fact- based, high-tech dramatic storytelling.

Science is the vital key that unlocks the path of events that occurred at the heart of any such cases. Forensics is the Where, Who, How and Why of these cases which occur in around the places we live, work and play. They are literally in our backyards. From the comfort of their own lounges, viewers can bear witness to a crime scene and piece together the trail of evidence that will lead to the answers. 

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South Pacific Pictures for Prime, New Zealand

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