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Skins - Scripted Format

60 min episodes - 61 scripts available

The teen drama phenomenon

An engaging group of teenagers with attitude and humour make up the broad range of characters in this cutting edge youth drama.

This urban mix of personalities - from the highly charismatic and beautiful, yet obsessive Tony, to the hopelessly sexually promiscuous, victim-in-the-making, Cassie, the classical musician Jal who tries to rise above it all and the black sheep of the family Anwar, who does everything his strict father tells him he shouldn’t - are all trying to maintain their cool as they face the realities of life in the city.

Each episode offers a self-contained story focused around one central character or small group of characters – but the episodes and drama are sequential, so the ‘serial’ feel gradually gains force until all the links between characters are revealed across the sweep of the series.

It’s edgy, hip and irreverent, melding hard-hitting emotional themes with wit and charm. It’s deadpan and confident – and the vigour of the characters and their situation make for great entertainment value. It’s cool – but not trying too hard… think Napoleon Dynamite, Mean Girls, As If, The Thick of It, Kids and My Life As a Dog.

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UK (Channel 4) & (E4) USA (MTV)


Series 1: Average audience share of 6% on E4 (slot average 1.8%). 8th highest rating multichannel programme of 2007.


Rose D'Or Awards 2008 - Best Drama
The 29th Banff World TV Awards - Best Continuing Series

BAFTA award winning series which has influenced modern youth culture
with so-called "skins parties" seemingly to emulate the party featured in the trail for the first series

Winner of nine awards across its series

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