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Mind Games

1 x 2 hr

No winners… only survivors

From award-winning writer Lynda La Plante. A serial killer is at large and committing a series of horrific murders. Frances O'Neill (Fiona Shaw) must use her strong religious background and training as a profiler to try to get inside the killer's mind and track him down before he is able to strike again. Drawing on her faith, O’Neil shows us a new approach to investigating as she uses her innate spirituality as a way of confronting the twisted mind of a killer. However, her unorthodox approach means that she has to deal not only with solving a murder but also winning the trust of her sceptical colleagues. It soon becomes a battle of minds to unearth the evidence that will ensure the killer is brought to trial.

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Credit Line

La Plante Productions for ITV, UK


Fiona Shaw, Colin Salmon, Finbar Lynch, Chiwetel Ejiofor 


Lynda La Plante


Producer: Liz Thorburn
Executive Producer: Peter Richardson 


Richard Standeven 

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