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Commander, The - Series 1-5

6 x 90 mins & 9 x 1 hr

From acclaimed thriller writer Lynda La Plante, The Commander follows the career of Clare Blake (Amanda Burton) after her promotion to the high rank of Serious Crime Group Commander in the Metropolitan Police. Having risen to the top of her male-dominated profession she assumes control of the Murder Review Group, making the police shooting of an unarmed civilian her first top priority.

From a faceless murderer using his computer expertise to threaten hospital patients with death unless his blackmail demands are met, to a self-made millionaire found dead in his own swimming pool, The Commander gives us an insight into the mind of Blake as we follow her thoughts and actions in tackling a series of increasingly shocking and challenging cases.

Can she bring the killer of two young girls to justice with the only witness a psychiatric hospital escapee who thinks he’s a fruit bat? Will she find the killers of a 2 year old girl found dead in a sealed oil drum, a priest discovered brutally beaten and stabbed to death, or the mother of a former policeman found dead in her own home? Or will ill-thought acts and clouded judgement place her position in jeopardy?

Series 1: 2 x 90 mins
Series 2: 2 x 90 mins
Series 3: 2 x 90 mins
Series 4: 6 x 1 hr
Series 5: 3 x 1 hr

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Credit Line

La Plante Productions for ITV 1, UK


Amanda Burton, Matthew Marsh, Nicholas Jones, Hugh Bonneville, Saskia Reeves, Nickolas Grace, Mark Lewis Jones


Lynda La Plante, Simon de Waal, Jane Prowse


Lynda La Plante, Peter McAleese, Christopher Hall


Michael Whyte, Charles Beeson, Tristram Powell, Ashley Pearce, David Caffrey, Jane Prowse, Gillies Mackinnon

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