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The Truth About Stress

1 x 1 hr

The health epidemic of the 21st Century?

Stress is described by the World Health Organisation as the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’ and experts believe it can contribute to serious life threatening diseases such as diabetes, dementia and some types of cancer. In these super busy modern times millions of people describe themselves as stressed and many seem to wear it as a badge of honour. But what about if we took a different approach to stress? What if by truly understanding the meaning and power of stress we could actually use it to our advantage?
In this hour long film for BBC One, Fiona Phillips, no stranger to stress herself, and three stressed out volunteers, embark on a unique experiment. Using cutting edge chest mounted body monitoring equipment, this film puts stress to the test in order to examine it and understand it as never before. On this surprising and empowering scientific stress journey, Fiona will discover how best to control stress levels, how stress can actually help people perform better and will reveal how stress can actually help you lose weight.

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