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Ewan and Colin McGregor: RAF Centenary

1 x 90 min

Heroes, adventures and moving stories

April 2018 marks the centenary of the founding of the RAF. In a 90 minute documentary Colin and Ewan McGregor explore the first hundred years of service.

The programme explores the heroic, adventurous and often moving stories of airmen and women who were part of these key moments in the world’s first independent air force. 

The film follows a series of “missions” that the brothers undertake. For each ‘mission’ the McGregor’s will be flying in the aircraft that defined a moment in the RAF’s history from a WW1 biplane to the latest supersonic fighter. In each case they will be mentored and coached by the expert pilots who fly these rare and expensive aircraft for a living. As a finale the brothers take the controls of a Typhoon worth 60 million pounds flying faster than the speed of sound.

Each mission is based on a key moment in the history of the RAF; each is also of historical significance in the wider story of the service and enables us to move through the key military, technological, social and historical themes.

Missions include a Spitfire/ Messerschmitt dogfight and a mission in a Lysander to rescue agents behind enemy lines.

The brothers also meet surviving veterans allowing them to discover first-hand the personal stories behind the RAF’s most significant events.

Action-packed and exhilarating as well as offering real drama and emotion, The RAF at 100 combines the McGregor brothers’ trademark sense of fun, humour and adventure with genuine insight into the RAF’s astonishing history.

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Lion Television for BBC One, UK

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